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Re: INSTEAD OF triggers


Hello Alexandre!

I think it's better to start from finding the complete reference of the
feature, so you (and everybody else) would clearly understand all the
details and corner cases.

Then you can create a jira task (if it's not there yet) to track all the
notes and maybe progress: jira.mariadb.com
[Please, use the search first]
Anyway you'll need the task, because it's ID is required to be in git
commit header and a pull request.

Good luck with the research!

Nikita Malyavin
Software engineer of Mariadb

24-09-2021 г., 18:44 Alexandre hadjinlian guerra <alexhguerra@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello
> Im looking forward to implement this feature in MariaDB, and will look
> after trigger definition code/modules in MariaDB, but any wisdom that could
> be shared to speed up my efforts would be greatly appreciated.
> The idea is to provide the same functionality as describe here
> https://aws.amazon.com/pt/blogs/database/implementing-table-partitioning-in-oracle-standard-edition-part-1/

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