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Re: dfa33fb309d: MDEV-26664 Store UUIDs in a more efficient manner


Hello Sergei,

Thanks, please find an updated patch version in:


See comments inline:

On 10/21/21 7:47 PM, Sergei Golubchik wrote:

diff --git a/plugin/type_uuid/mysql-test/type_uuid/type_uuid_memory.result b/plugin/type_uuid/mysql-test/type_uuid/type_uuid_memory.result
index 42bb74d4b01..eb7a51895b9 100644
--- a/plugin/type_uuid/mysql-test/type_uuid/type_uuid_memory.result
+++ b/plugin/type_uuid/mysql-test/type_uuid/type_uuid_memory.result
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ a
   EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE a='00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000ff';
   id	select_type	table	type	possible_keys	key	key_len	ref	rows	Extra
-1	SIMPLE	t1	ref	a	a	17	const	2	Using where
+1	SIMPLE	t1	ref	a	a	17	const	4	Using where


Hash collision now happens differently, this affects the optimizer
estimation for certain values.
So it did not change to worse. Just a coincidence.

I hope so, although in all changed test results it did change to worse.
Not always doubled, but always increased.

I have added more tests into type_uuid_engines.inc,
flipping all bytes (not just the last one), and
with more total number of records.

On this data set EXPLAIN stably returns "2 rows"
in the test type_uuid_memory.

diff --git a/sql/sql_type_fixedbin.h b/sql/sql_type_fixedbin.h
index c6e3d20bcfa..5141cb9fad4 100644
--- a/sql/sql_type_fixedbin.h
+++ b/sql/sql_type_fixedbin.h
+  static ulong KEY_pack_flags(uint column_nr)
+  {
+    /*
+      Return zero by default. A particular data type can override
+      this method return some flags, e.g. HA_PACK_KEY to enable
+      key prefix compression.

what if you change it later, will it make old tables corrupted?

I did not check.
This method is used only in mysql_prepare_create_table().
Then flags are stored inside FRM. In theory the change should not
make old tables corrupted.

I think this too. Just thought it might be good to verify it. E.g.,
create a table, flip the flag, recompile and see if it opens.

I've added tests into type_uuid_myisam.test,
examining INDEX_LENGTH/DATA_LENGTH ratio for three tables:

- Made by CREATE TABLE (i.e. current, with HA_PACK_KEY enabled)
- Restored from std_data/t1packkey.frm   (with HA_PACK_KEY enabled)
- Restored from std_data/t1nopackkey.frm (without HA_PACK_KEY)

It opens t1nopackkey.frm without problems,
and detects that compression is really disabled.

Your question made me also think what should be the default.
Probably we should do it the other way around:
- enable compression by default
- disable compression in INET6
What do you think?

Enable if NATIVE_LEN > 6? or >8 ?

I guess the minimum length to enable compression
is for the engine to decide.



return HA_PACK_KEY unconditionally.

So if we want to enable compression by default,
FixedBinTypeStorage::KEY_pack_flags() should possibly
return HA_PACK_KEY unconditionally as well.

On the other hand, it's not necessarily to decide now.
We can collect more data types and decide later.

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx