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some questions for the community


   Hello, I am a student of Xi'an University of Posts and
Telecommunications. My name is yangfan.I want to ask something about
community code sharing and GSOC.
   I am now in my sophomore year, and I am very interested in databases,
especially your marria database. I am now familiar
with the c/c++ language and master the basic Linux system programming and
network programming. Currently learning
C++ multi-threaded programming. I can use basic SQL statements, databases,
basic Linux commands, and some knowledge
about operating systems and networks. I joined the xiyou linux group. Now,
I want to learn quickly and contribute code to your
community. Can you tell me what to do? And I want to participate in GSOC in
2022. If you can give me some help, I will be very happy.
I only learned about open source culture from university. After a long
period of study and thinking, I feel that open source is a very mea
ningful thing. It not only helps personal growth but also helps a product
iteration. The slogan of our group is free sharing and openness.
At the same time, I continue to promote open source culture. I am
fascinated by this culture. I also want to join a community and make
my contribution to you. Although my current ability is not very strong, but
I will continue to work hard.
   I am very interested in programming, and I want to focus on distributed
and database work now and in the future.
 Maybe my English is not very good, I hope you can be more tolerant.