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Re: 673ea509e2c: MDEV-26870 --skip-symbolic-links does not disallow .isl file creation


Hi, Marko,

On Jan 21, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> > Why InnoDB tests depend on server's symlink support?
> > InnoDB does not use symlinks, it uses isl files.
> In https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-26870 you suggested using
> my_use_symdir, which I did.
> That variable is bound to the Boolean start-up parameter symbolic_links.
> Changing InnoDB to use actual symlinks (and to stop creating
> "databasename" directories, to be similar to other storage engines)
> would be a file format change that could break downgrades to earlier
> minor versions. Therefore, it is only doable in a development release.

That's not what I meant. I was saying, --skip-symbolic-links and
filesystem support of symbolic links are unrelated.

If --skip-symbolic-links was not specified, a filesystem can support
symbolic links or not support them. In the latter case, I think, InnoDB
technically still could use DATA DIRECTORY, even if MyISAM cannot.

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