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Re: 880e92a48ba: MDEV-27760 event may non stop replicate in circular semisync setup


Hi, Andrei,

I don't see a point in caching the value in memory that is very cheap to
calculate per event. I've pushed f8ec4dd38d0 to 10.4-serg three hours
ago and Jenkins said it's fine.

So I'd suggest we go with it, because we really have to close this
blocker and release ES now. And MDEV-27837 will be fixed as a separate

queue_event checks global_system_variables.server_id in multiple places,
moving only do_accept_own_server_id into Master_info will not make it
any better or worse against MDEV-27837.

> > As far as I can see, you can calculate it for every event just the same.
> The per event computation is extraneous and not consistent with the
> nature of the flag that belongs to the group of events.
> Also notice (or remember) a "FR"
>   MDEV-27837 disallow `set @@session.server_id` within transaction
> so until this bug is fixed it's not 'just the same'.
> I am recomming the patch, assuming that you'll be fine with the Gtid time
> only flag computation.
VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
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