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Re: 3be1e491fb5: MDEV-27743 Remove Lex::charset


Hi, Alexander,

All comments from the previous review were addressed and there were no
other changes. So, ok to push.

On Mar 22, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> revision-id: 3be1e491fb5 (mariadb-10.6.1-383-g3be1e491fb5)
> parent(s): c69defd3b61
> author: Alexander Barkov
> committer: Alexander Barkov
> timestamp: 2022-03-21 21:33:30 +0400
> message:
> MDEV-27743 Remove Lex::charset
> This patch also fixes:
> MDEV-27690 Crash on `CHARACTER SET csname COLLATE DEFAULT` in column definition
> MDEV-27853 Wrong data type on column `COLLATE DEFAULT` and table `COLLATE some_non_default_collation`
> MDEV-28067 Multiple conflicting column COLLATE clauses are not rejected
> MDEV-28118 Wrong collation of `CAST(.. AS CHAR COLLATE DEFAULT)`
> MDEV-28119 Wrong column collation on MODIFY + CONVERT
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