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Re: Review request for MDEV-12325 Unexpected data type and truncation when using CTE


Hello Monty.

The patch looks OK for me. I have just one question below:

On 8/5/22 7:15 PM, Michael Widenius wrote:

Just to make things easy, here is the patch:
commit a556c4d972eaa09bb8ad586b9bda6cfb2a7b574a
Author: Monty <monty@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Aug 5 17:57:27 2022 +0300

     MDEV-12325 Unexpected data type and truncation when using CTE

     When creating a recursive CTE, the column types are taken from the
     non recursive part of the CTE (this is according to the SQL standard).

     This patch adds code to abort the CTE if the calculated values in the
     recursive part does not fit in the fields in the created temporary table.

     The new code only affects recursive CTE, so it should not cause any notable
     problems for old applications.

diff --git a/sql/sql_union.cc b/sql/sql_union.cc
index 48d8c16db68..d271a919a4e 100644
--- a/sql/sql_union.cc
+++ b/sql/sql_union.cc
@@ -111,6 +111,8 @@ int select_unit::send_data(List<Item> &values)
    int rc;
    int not_reported_error= 0;
+  enum_check_fields save_count_cuted_fields= thd->count_cuted_fields;
    if (unit->offset_limit_cnt)
    {                        // using limit offset,count
@@ -118,8 +120,10 @@ int select_unit::send_data(List<Item> &values)
    if (thd->killed == ABORT_QUERY)
      return 0;
    if (table->no_rows_with_nulls)
      table->null_catch_flags= CHECK_ROW_FOR_NULLS_TO_REJECT;
    if (intersect_mark)
      fill_record(thd, table, table->field + 1, values, TRUE, FALSE);
@@ -127,6 +131,8 @@ int select_unit::send_data(List<Item> &values)
      fill_record(thd, table, table->field, values, TRUE, FALSE);
+  thd->count_cuted_fields= save_count_cuted_fields;
    if (unlikely(thd->is_error()))
      rc= 1;
@@ -297,7 +303,13 @@ bool select_unit::send_eof()

Why do you need above changes in select_unit::send_data()?

Shouldn't it be enough just to have below changes in select_union_recursive::send_data()?

  int select_union_recursive::send_data(List<Item> &values)
+  Abort_on_warning_instant_set handle_abort(thd, 1);
+  enum_check_fields save_count_cuted_fields= thd->count_cuted_fields;
+  /* For recursive CTE's give warnings for wrong field info */
+  thd->count_cuted_fields= CHECK_FIELD_WARN;
    int rc= select_unit::send_data(values);
+  thd->count_cuted_fields= save_count_cuted_fields;

    if (rc == 0 &&
        write_err != HA_ERR_FOUND_DUPP_KEY &&

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