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Re: da5a72f32d4: MDEV-31033 ER_KEY_NOT_FOUND upon online COPY ALTER on a partitioned table


Hi, Nikita,

On May 08, Nikita Malyavin wrote:
> Sorry, the assertion should be
> DBUG_ASSERT(table->file == this || dynamic_cast<ha_innobase*>(table->file)
> == NULL);
> Well, the tests seem passing after adding this assertion (and a similar one
> for myisam):
> https://github.com/MariaDB/server/commit/f221bc46e6981c9e7c5d2806faefb1ed086e7bf8
> Okay, I think I can agree on this approach, but then I want these
> assertions to be committed as well.
> dynamic_cast can be replaced with hton comparison, of your choice.

hton comparison, please, otherwise ok.

> Maybe somebody later will need row changes from a separate handler,
> imagine for example cascade foreign key updates, which would have used
> a lookup handler for the cascade changes. For that case, I'll try to
> gather these table->file comparisons under a single method.
> Alternatively, we could introduce some bool handler::root_handler just
> now, without waiting for a demand, but I'm afraid it could become
> another source for bugs. So better later on demand.
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