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Re: MTR fails on undefined {cpus} array in My/SysInfo.pm on armhf and armel


Hi, Otto,

On May 25, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Hi!
> I noticed that the autopkgtests on Debian on armhf and armel that run
> the mariadb-test-run fail on error:
> starting mysql-test-tun.pl...
> Logging: ./mysql-test-run.pl  --force --testcase-timeout=120
> --suite-timeout=540 --retry=3 --
> ...
> Collecting tests...
> Installing system database...
> Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at
> lib/My/SysInfo.pm line 166.
> Logs for full context:
> https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/unstable/armel/m/mariadb/33870767/log.gz
> https://ci.debian.net/data/autopkgtest/unstable/armhf/m/mariadb/33870768/log.gz
> This line 166 in mysql-test/lib/My/SysInfo.pm has:
> # Return the number of cpus found
> sub num_cpus {
>   my ($self)= @_;
>   return int(@{$self->{cpus}}) or
>     confess "INTERNAL ERROR: No cpus in list";
> }
> Can somebody with strong Perl skills help me understand
> 1) Where this cpus array is inherited from?

cpus is initialized to be an empty list on the line 119:

118   my $self= bless {
119                    cpus => (),
120                   }, $class;

Then it tries to fill it from /proc/cpuinfo (line 67) and `kstat`
(line 95). If nothing worked it'll create one dummy cpu:

145   push(@{$self->{cpus}},
146      {
147       bogomips => DEFAULT_BOGO_MIPS,
148       model_name => "unknown",
149      });

At no point it sets $self->{cpus} to undef, so I don't understand how
that error of yours is even possible.

> 2) Why might it have now regressed in MariaDB 10.11.3 and why is this
> erroring only on armel/armhf but not other architectures?

It doesn't, this file wasn't touched for ages. Could it be an incredibly
ancient perl there? Just a shot in the dark, I don't think it'll explain

Some distro patches, perhaps?

> 3) What should I do wrap this section in so that if cpus is not set,
> it would just default to '1'?

you shouldn't, it already defaults to 1 "unknown" cpu with 2000 bogomips.

if you'll simply hack num_cpus() to return 1, it'll fail later on
something like $self->{cpus}[0]->{bogomips}

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