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Re: Fwd: MySQL Open Space


Henrik Ingo <hingo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Didn't you have something about Buildbot you wanted to do? Maybe even have 
> someone from Drizzle join - depending on what you had planned to talk about.

I have not planned anything. But I'm happy to do a session going through
various aspects of Buildbot if there is an interest.

 - Kristian.
> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
> Subject: MySQL Open Space
> Date: Friday 09 April 2010
> From: Colin Charles <byte@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: "Sheeri K. Cabral" <awfief@xxxxxxxxx>, Brian Aker <brian@xxxxxxxxxxx>, 
> Henrik Ingo <hingo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Giuseppe Maxia <giuseppe@xxxxxxxxx>, Peter 
> Zaitsev <pz@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Arjen Lentz <arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi!
> You know there is a MySQL open space on the schedule for the  
> conference, in the same room that the MySQL Camp was held last year
> For the space to be properly utilised, I was wondering if people would  
> like to run side sessions there.
> Its on Tuesday (http://en.oreilly.com/mysql2010/public/schedule/detail/12348 
> ), Wednesday (http://en.oreilly.com/mysql2010/public/schedule/detail/12349 
> ) and also on Thursday (but possibly in a different room).
> http://forge.mysql.com/wiki/MySQL_Conference_Open_Space_2010
> That should help, I think *grin*
> Please feel free to pass it around and see if we get lots of side  
> content. Things that weren't accepted. Things that require more than a  
> BoF.
> 	Cheers,
> 	-c

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