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Re: PBXT issues



>>>>> "Paul" == Paul McCullagh <paul.mccullagh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


Paul> PBXT can help you out with this. Do the following:

Paul> (1) Load the telpbxt table with a few 1000 rows (or use telpbxt2,  
Paul> since telpbxt already has too many rows in it).
Paul> (2) In mysql client enter: CHECK TABLE telpbxt2; (note: do not do this  
Paul> on a table with millions of rows. It will take very long to complete).
Paul> (3) Check the MySQL error log, you should see something like the  
Paul> output below.

Paul> CHECK TABLE: ./test/telpbxt
Paul> Record buffer size      = 1024
Paul> Fixed length rec. len.  = 1020
Paul> Handle data record size = 638
Paul> Min/max header size     = 14/26
Paul> Min/avg/max record size = 19/624/1019
Paul> Avg row len set for tab = not specified
Paul> Rows fixed length       = NO
Paul> Maximum fixed size      = 16384
Paul> ...

Paul> Paste the output in an e-mail, and I will show you what to use for the  

Would it be hard for PBXT to as part of the CHECK TABLE add:

Optimial create AVG_ROW_LENGTH: ?


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