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Re: where are the buildbot results for valgrind and the InnoDB plugin?


MARK CALLAGHAN <mdcallag@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I was asking about the tests not the plugin used. MariaDB should be
> able to run all tests in mysql-test/suite/innodb_plugin for
> storage/xtradb and for storage/innodb_plugin. It cannot per
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/maria/+bug/609813

Why do you think the tests in mysql-test/suite/innodb_plugin should be run for

As far as I can see, the tests in innodb_plugin are already run elsewhere
(some in the main test suite, some in the "innodb" test suite). I checked the
first 4 or 5 tests in mysql-test/suite/innodb_plugin/, and they all existed
also in one of the other suites. For example:

suite/innodb_plugin/t/innodb-analyze.test -> t/innodb-analyze.test
suite/innodb_plugin/t/innodb-autoinc-44030.test -> suite/innodb/t/innodb-autoinc-44030.test

Which tests exactly in mysql-test/suite/innodb_plugin/ are not run for XtraDB?

As I understand, the "innodb_plugin" suite should be for tests that do not
work with other versions of innodb (eg. different .result file), so that
particular variant should only be run with the storage/innodb_plugin version.

However, it is good that you persue this issue. With the latest merge where
everything InnoDB moved around in the source tree, there is a _lot_ of
potential for tests being forgotten or other missing things. For example, the
innodb_bug52745.test seems to _not_ be run for XtraDB, as it only exists in
the innodb_plugin test suite. Maybe it will be included in the next merge of
XtraDB, or maybe it is a merge error. It needs to be checked.

Maybe Monty or Serg, who worked on merging the latest InnoDB stuff, can chime
in with how we ensure that everything is merged correctly and no tests are
forgotten in the future (it is not just new .test files, also additions to
existing test files need to be merged correctly).

The whole issue around merging the different InnoDB versions is getting really
complicated, I wonder if there is a way to simplify/improve it ...


 - Kristian.