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Using MariaDB in production?



In February 2010, we released MariaDB 5.1. In November 2010, we released MariaDB 5.2. In a span of those months, we've seen a 4x increase in downloads of MariaDB. I've heard many stories of people running it on their blog, and there are people running it on single server instances. I myself run it on about six servers of mine in production... And Daniel will attest to running all the Monty Program infrastructure on MariaDB :)

I'm curious to know where MariaDB is going. Where its getting installed. Are only software developers playing with it, or is it getting into production environments?

Please don't hesitate to discuss it here on the maria-discuss mailing list so we can all get a better idea of where MariaDB is being used. If its being used in "secretive" environments, don't hesitate to drop me a private email



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