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Re: Segfaulting with signal 6



>>>>> "Lance" == Lance Albertson <lance@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Lance> I've run into another weird problem where MariaDB is segfaulting
Lance> and dieing on Gentoo Hardened Linux. I can't figure out if its a weird
Lance> situation with my Gentoo environment on the machine or something with
Lance> MariaDB itself. I don't have this problem on the other machine running
Lance> MariaDB. It seems to happen under load about once or twice a day. I have
Lance> a nearly identical machine that doesn't have any of these problems.

Lance> I'm running mariadb-5.1.50 under Hardened Gentoo. The compiled flags are:

Lance> ---
Lance> Configuration summary for MariaDB Server version 5.1.50-MariaDB


Lance> mysqld: malloc.c:5153: malloc_consolidate: Assertion
Lance> `nextchunk->fd_nextsize->bk_nextsize == nextchunk' failed.
Lance> 110329 13:11:25 [ERROR] mysqld got signal 6 ;

This looks like memory overrun, something that we have not seen in
MariaDB for a long time. (We are testing all builds with valgrind to
ensure we don't have any memory overruns).


Is there a way we could install a debug binary on the machine in
question so that we could be able to debug this?

(We would need a binary compiled with debug + a core to be able to
find out what's going on).

The easyest way to get a debug binary is to get the source and
compile it with:


and then just copy it over your original mysqld binary.

If you can get us access to the system, we can help you with this.

You can find us at '#maria' channel on freenode if you want to discuss
this real time.


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