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Re: dynamic columns interface



19 апр. 2011, в 02:07, MARK CALLAGHAN написал(а):

> The current interface requires a name and a number

Actually, currently only numbers are required and possible, but there is plan (actually first item in the our TODO list about dynamic columns) to add ability to use names instead of or with numbers.

i.e. if you substitute number expression with character one it will be what is planed, probably SQL functions will have different name or character names will be detected by expression type.

The real question is should we support both ways to address the column (i.e. name and number) for the same packed string, | doubts that it is really needed. Because if we have plan about some automatic mapping for DBs which supports rowID,columnID[,time] addressing there is no place for numbers in this schema (or I just can't see it).

(All above is only my thoughts which was not discussed with Monty due to lack of time, so final result could be different :) )