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Re: XtraDB using the Windows Installer


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Subject: [Maria-discuss] XtraDB using the Windows Installer
I have a couple of questions regarding XtraDB.
1.	I am curious, if XtraDB is turned on / installed by default when
MariaDB is installed using the windows installer on a Windows 2008 R2
If you left "Optimize for transactions" checkbox "on" during the UI
installation, then yes, it is installed and turned on by default (it adds
default-storage-engine=innodb to my.ini,  which means xtradb)
2.	Is this default behavior the same in 5.1.53 and 5.2.6? 
5.1.53 installer did not create a runnable instance. If you used mysqld
-install to create the instance, the behavior would be different (MyISAM
would be default storage engine)
3.	How can I tell if XtraDB is currently installed on any given MariaDB
install? i.e. Is there a SHOW or other similar command I can run to confirm
that XtraDB is
innodb in maria it normally means xtradb, it is the "compiled-in" innodb.
"show engines" will confirm that - 'comment' column  has "XtraDB engine
based on InnoDB plugin."