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Re: Bug reporting



On 6 Aug 2011, at 07:46, planas wrote:

> How does one post a bug?

This is the place to report a bug:

You're better off opening two separate bug reports, plus also telling us *exactly* what you were doing (also a list of packages on the system). It looks like you've installed 5.3, downgraded to 5.2, and are having issues correct?


> I have spent days trying to fully resolve this. One should be able uninstall and reinstall a package as needed without tracking down bugs in the installer or uninstaller scripts.
> Logs have been blank or just repeat the above information.

You're right. DPKG seems to be exiting so we're clearly having some packaging issue

I wonder if an apt-get -f install might help here... ?

However, since something isn't being removed correctly quite possibly, running dpkg --purge --force-depends mariadb-server-5.2 (and replace with 5.3 as well) might help

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