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Re: Reporting upstream bugs


Hi Federico,

Since I'm the one who tagged it... :)

It's totally fine to report upstream bugs in MariaDB JIRA, please don't take offense at the tags, we just need them for our workflow.


On 1/10/2013 4:01 AM, Federico Razzoli wrote:
Hi all.
I reported a bug in JIRA - I hit it in MariaDB but it was tagged as "upstream". This brings us to the question: is it ok to report upstream bugs in MariaDB's JIRA?

There are 2 reasons why I didn't report it to Oracle. Let me explain.

1) MySQL Ab and Sun never had a lot of data about me or the companies where I worked. They only had my email and my full name, plus some optional info, if I remember correctly. But my old account doesn't work anymore, and the new Oracle's sign up page REQUIRES a lot of data - including a physical address and a work phone. I don't want to provide them too much info about me and my company.
2) I tried to sign up with fake data, but after 2 days I didn't receive a confirm email and my account still doesn't work. They are very slow, or something doesn't work fine in their website, or they detected that some data I wrote is fake (but I got no error message).

I think that a company which develops open source software should be glad that people reports bugs, and should make the process easier. If the process is hard, I would prefer to report bugs to MariaDB.
But, what does MariaDB think about it? Is it ok to report the bugs to you?

Federico Razzoli

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