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Re: Reporting upstream bugs



>>>>> "Federico" == Federico Razzoli <federico_raz@xxxxxxxx> writes:

Small addition to Elena's answer:

Federico> Hi all.
Federico> I reported a bug in JIRA - I hit it in MariaDB but it was tagged as "upstream". This brings us to the question: is it ok to report upstream bugs in MariaDB's JIRA?


When we mark it 'upstream' it means that:
- This bug is also present in MySQL
- If it's a complex fix and the bug is not critical, we are waiting a
  short time to see if and how MySQL fixes it (to keep the diff
  between MySQL and MariaDB as small as possible).
- If MySQL is not fixing it, we will eventually fix it.

Of course, any of our support customers can at any time come and rise
priority for an existing bug, in which case we will fix it at once.

Federico> I think that a company which develops open source software should be glad that people reports bugs, and should make the process easier. If the process is hard, I would prefer to report bugs to MariaDB.

Agree completely.

Federico> But, what does MariaDB think about it? Is it ok to report the bugs to you?

As Elena said, yes of course!

We actually prefer that bugs are reported in JIRA too, as Oracle from
time to time remove bugs from their public bug system and that makes
it very hard to know later on what a bug was about.