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Problem in replication with NOW('2012-03-07 17:32:03')



I set up 2 hosts as a galera cluster, one of them is a slave of my main database.

The galera hosts are 5.5.28a-MariaDB-a1~precise-log, all other databases are

The 5.5 slave stops with 1064 errors. I figured this is because of updates using NOW() on timestamp columns, I think they come from a phpmyadmin frontend.
In the error log the queries look like this:

UPDATE ..., some_timestamp_field = NOW('2012-03-07 17:32:03') WHERE ...primary keys...

when I manually execute the query and just remove the NOW so it is a simple update some_timestamp_field = '2012-03-07 17:32:03' and then execute set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1;slave start; everything is fine again.

All 5.2 hosts replicate just fine.

is this a bug in 5.5?


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