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Re: unexpected index growth


  The longest transaction I currently see is ~ 3.5 hours. Which is a long time, and I can look into to that. I haven't seen transactions last days yet. Would having a transaction last hours not cause the old rows from being purged once those transactions have closed?  If it were an old or stale transaction keeping the old row versions from being purged, a server restart would fix the issue, no ?
  We also do see a fair amount of deadlocks. Could a thread that is causing the  deadlock cause old row versions from being purged even after the this thread is closed?

Said Ramirez
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Hi, Said!

On Mar 06, Said Ramirez wrote:
> We have noticed a very strange index growth with one of our tables.
> The data in the table is currently ~ 42GB and has been growing  at a
> rate of about 1 GB per day for the week. Inserts/Updates on the tables
> are done with statements like:
> insert into foo ( ...) on duplicate key update ...
> We have a job which updates about 1/3 of the table 12 times a day. We
> running Mariadb version 5.5.27-MariaDB-log

Just a guess, perhaps you have long-running transactions that prevent
old row versions from being purged?


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