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Re: WL#4925 and multi-source replication



>>>>> "Greg" == Greg  <skygreg@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Greg> Hi,
Greg> I'm testing multi-source replication with 6 sources, it works great !
Greg> Now I'm at the "HA" state, testing a master multi-source with DRBD. To do a
Greg> safe switch between masters, I have to enable sync_binlog=1 and then the
Greg> master delay grow...

Greg> I see that WL#4925 suggest a solution that could work : is that job in
Greg> progress in MariaDB 10 trunk ?

For future reference, here is a link to this:

I didn't think that sync_binlog=1 is required anymore for safe reliction.

We are always using group commit in MariaDB 10.0 for the master, so
the binary log will be synced for each group commit, which is safe.

The preallocation of binary logs will of course speed up the syncs a
bit, but probably not as much as suggested in the worklog task.

Greg> And if not, how to ask to include it ?

Currently we don't have any plans to implement this ourselves to
MariaDB. However if MySQL 5.6 gets this or anyone from the community
provides us with a patch, we will get it into MariaDB 10.0 too.

This is of course something that a customer can sponsor us, if they think
this would be useful for them....


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