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New Question: Local state seqno out of sync with group



A new question has been asked in "Galera" by uxbod:
We have MariaDB and Galera working in our lab on a three node cluster.  When setting them up the wsrep options for each node were as follows:

node1: wsrep_cluster_address="gcomm://"
node2: wsrep_cluster_address="gcomm://"
node3: wsrep_cluster_address="gcomm://"

Once all the nodes were in sync I shutdown node1 and set its wsrep_cluster_address to be  This I thought would allow the three nodes to keep in sync.  What happened though was when I started MariaDB backup I received the error:

130702  8:35:51 [ERROR] WSREP: Local state seqno (16053) is greater than group seqno (15898): states diverged. Aborting to avoid potential data loss. Remove '/var/lib/mysql//grastate.dat' file and restart if you wish to continue. (FATAL)
         at galera/src/replicator_str.cpp:state_transfer_required():34

Why has this happened ? Is it safe to proceed with the recommendation of removing grastate.dat ?

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