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Re: 5.5 versus 10.0/5.6 performance issues


thanks for the fast reply.
We tried to build MySQL 5.6 and get the InnoDB plugin from this build. It seems the InnoDB is now always statically compiled into MySQL and we were not able to get it.
Related to this topic we found this in the mysql options:
  In MySQL 5.6, InnoDB is the default storage engine and InnoDB Plugin is not used, so this option has no effect. As of MySQL 5.6.5, it is ignored.
  see http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/innodb-parameters.html

I think using InnoDB from MySQL 5.5 makes no sense since MySQL 5.5 has the same slow results for us.
Greetings, Werner

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You can use the Oracle InnoDB instead of XtraDB on MariaDB, it could be interresting to test if it makes a real difference on your specific usecase.

To do so, you must put that in our my.cnf file :


Le 02/07/2013 16:56, Puff, Werner a écrit :
Because of performance issues with our DBMS we recently decided to migrate our software to MySQL or one of its forks. We would prefer MariaDB.
We created a performance test suite so that we are sure to make the right decision.
Beside other values our test measured the average workflow processing time including multiple database transactions. The unexpected outcome was, that we had a big difference in the processing times between 5.5 and 5.6 based databases.

                  average-time [ms]
                  (lower = better)
MySQL 5.6              233
Percona 5.6pre         208
MariaDB 10alpha        194
MariaDB 5.5           1248
MySQL 5.5              993
(Firebird 2.5         9694)

We are bound to very special hardware, the biggest bottleneck there is USB-stick based storage (cannot be changed for now).

Our  interpretation of the results and the research we were doing so far is, that the changes within InnoDB/XtraDB storage engine in connection with our "very special" storage solution causes this differences.
Can anybody confirm that the changes had a high impact on storage mediums with slow access rates?
Or does anybody have an idea if it possible to optimize MariaDB 5.5 (we would like to go with MariaDB) to get the same performance with MySQL 5.6?

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