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Re: new kind of plugin


nice... i'm with some doubts about JIRA...
normally a issue tracker allow users to add feature request and bugs (maybe
more issues...)
bugs is normally open to any user
feature request sometimes...

i openned many mdevs and didn't start any work, i know it something add
fuzzy to dashboards
there's a 'workflow' to add a feature request?
for example, first ask in maria-discuss after maria-developer and after add
to jira? or just add the idea to jira is ok? i want to write the
description to jira but i don't know if i should do this, because i will
add something that maybe anybody will read and know about it

my idea here is add a new field type (PLUGIN) and field informations, this
will be added to .frm file, to storage engine it will work with default
mariadb field types (char,blob,int,geometry,enum,set,decimal,float...), to
internal it will add a layer to read/set/compare values (i don't know how
it's done today)
this is very usefull... is was reading about "add IPv6 FIELD type, add IPv4
FIELD type, add XYZ FIELD type", for disk it's just bytes... but for
dba/developer/archtect it's more than just bytes, it's database features,
and make some diference when one arch select one database or another
database... (just to don't forget the alread need point of this plugin)

well i don't know if i'm clear :) but i think it's very nice :D
i have many ideas in my head and i think it'is better stop writing for now
or i will do a brain storm here kkkkk

about add to jira, should i add this one there?

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