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10.x Plans


Hi guys, it not a important thing, but
could we add the MDEV or the issue track link to

for example

MariaDB 10.0 partly sponsored features

Features that are likely to be in 10.0 if we can get more sponsorships

FB request: Better monitoring for replication (FB has patch; MP will
add) (kristian) (for 5.5 or 10.0)

Aria: Concurrent UPDATE & DELETE. MWL#235 (Have partial sponsor) (monty)

Aria: Segmented key cache for Aria (By Igor for 10.0 or 10.1)

Aria: Fast next-not-same handler call (monty) (Target 10.0)

>From MySQL 5.6: Global transaction ID, so the slave state becomes
recoverable, and facilitate automatic moving a slave to a new master
across multi-level hierarchies.

and others....

Roberto Spadim

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