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Re: Fwd: [Dbmail] MariaDB and dbmail



>>>>> "Reindl" == Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Reindl> please can someone from the MariaDB developers
Reindl> MariaDB 5.5.32 is running here on test-machines

Reindl> this is todays feedback of the dbmail core-developer and beause
Reindl> more and more distributions including Fedora/OpenSuSE and AFAIK
Reindl> even RHEL7 switch to MariaDB this is a *serious* problem which is
Reindl> not what a "drop-in replacement" should do and a show-stopper
Reindl> rollout Fedora 19 at all in the near future

>> Anyway, MariaDB doesn't even pass the basic unit-tests
>> Looks like this maybe libzdb related. The ordering of the query
>> retrieving mime parts is ok on the console, but *not* when looping
>> over the result in libzdb.
>> MariaDB is *no-go* at this moment. Just what I experienced a year
>> ago or so. I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll hold 3.1.4 for that
>> not a regression at all.

I never saw a final follow up on this, so I thought I would post some

This was a bug in that in some cases with Aria temporary tables it was
not always guaranteed that one would read rows in the same order they
where inserted.

This bug has been around a long time in MariaDB and in spite of having
lots of MariaDB installations this has never been noticed or reported.

In any case, it's now fixed in MariaDB 5.5.33 and also in MariaDB 5.1,
5.2 and 5.3.

We are doing our best to ensure that MariaDB is a full MySQL drop in
replacement and in most cases it is.  As far as I can remember during
the last 4 years we have had only a handfull of serious bugs like

We have also done our best to document the differences between MySQL
and MariaDB at:

In general, my own experience is that it's easier to move to MariaDB
than to a newer MySQL version.  In both cases there may be new bugs or
new behavior.

We at MariaDB are doing our best to close everything that affects
other open source projects and distributions very fast.

Just report the bugs in Jira or here on the email list and we are
doing our best to quickly fix it.

In any case, sorry about the trouble with the ORDER BY bug.


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