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New Question: mariadb RAM usage



A new question has been asked in "MariaDB Performance & Advanced Configurations" by ferreirah:
When you bundle your app with mysql or mariadb, you don't want mysql or mariadb to devour all your RAM, especially if the database is installed on a desktop operating system.
I haven't recently tried out mysql or mariadb, but I was wondering about the minimum memory required on windows.
I sent a question to mysql and they told me it only requires 1 MB RAM minimum. At that stage they still supported windows 2000 and windows xp, which isn't supported any more.
I remember installing mysql on windows xp and you could configure it through a wizard. You could either set it to dedicated server, shared server or developer install. I suppose developer install will use the least amount of RAM.
How much RAM would mariadb use with a developer install if you had to install it on windows vista/7/8/8.1?
Does it matter which engine you are using? XtraDB?




To view or answer this question please visit: http://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb-ram-usage/