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Re: Table Change notification to all Clients?


Hi, SARTrack!

You might want to look at Q4M storage engine, http://q4m.github.io/
perhaps it'll help.

Or you can emulate the notification with locks or replication.

But directly - no, there are no plans at the moment to implement the
notifications like this. Of course, plans might change...

On Nov 15, SARTrack Admin wrote:
> I develop a Windows application for Search and Rescue (using Delphi
> and MyDAC components), which gets a stream of "APRS" data packets, up
> to 10 per second.
> These are saved in the SQL database, but all Clients which are
> connected to the database MUST be notified when a Table change has
> occured, so that they then can update their internal tables. Which in
> turn update their Maps (GPS location of moving items) and other data,
> which MUST be up-to-date.
> Currently I am having all Clients polling the database every 5
> seconds, which really sucks, and causes all kinds of other problems.
> Is there any chance that MariaDB will have some kind of Client 
> Notification system when a Table has changed, as some other SQL 
> databases seem to have?

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