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Re: INSERT IGNORE (and other SQL commands) fail with: Deadlock found when trying to get lock;


Hi Alex

> DELETE bug seems to be present only in MariaDB version of Galera
> cluster, hopefully it will be fixed soon. If it is of any help, you
> could upgrade to the latest upstream release from Codership.
> INSERT bug is confirmed in the upstream and is tracked here:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/codership-mysql/5.6/+bug/1255147

Thank you. I managed to work around those problems.

Now a new 'Deadlock' problem arrises from time to time.

When a user successfully logs in to the IMAP server, we register the timestamp 
of that last login:

"UPDATE user set lastLogin=Now() where concat(userid,'@',domain)='$USER'"

In about 4 of 5 cases, this is successfull.
In one of 5 cases we get a Deadlock error.

Any hints what causes that problem? Can't we user NOW() because not all of the 
cluster members might have the same timestamp?

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