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Re: InnoDB pain points


no, i use InnoDB only for DBMail and most other things
are and will be MyISAM in the foreseeable future because
i do not appreciate global namespaces instead having a
folder per database which is in doubt the easiest restore

having 6000 mostly small tables in 250 databases is
perfectly suiteable with MyISAM

Am 29.01.2014 16:14, schrieb Roberto Spadim:
> do you have time to test toku engine? i'm trying it and it's very
> nice, i'm considering changing my tables from innodb to toku really
> soon
> 2014-01-28 Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Am 28.01.2014 13:38, schrieb Jan Lindström:
>>> I would like to know the most affecting InnoDB pain points the customers/potential customers first refer. By pain
>>> point, I mean anything that causes concerns, restricts sales etc, pain point can be bug, missing feature, usage
>>> problem, performance etc. My goal on asking this question is to find out what are the real issues customers or
>>> potential customer are struggling or issues that block customers using MariaDB. After that I will see what I can do
>>> about the situation and plan forward to address the raised issues with proper priorities.
>>> Dean, if this list does to reach the support engineers and technical sales teams please forward to more suitable list.
>> "innodb_file_per_table" should be clearly default because doing it
>> later is really a pain as well as if you remove large amount of
>> data that the space never comes back while with file_per_table you
>> can do "optimize table"
>> it is also mandatory for compressed tables
>> for sure there are setups where the potential fragmentation
>> may be a issue, but i am sure they are not the majority

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