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Re: InnoDB pain points


default of innodb_log_file_size still at 5M  on a fresh install.

packaging scripts could detect the actual value in use or default to at least 50M for a fresh install.

is a "detect whats there" in the mysqld applicable since there seems to be enough log sequence number and tables space number checks on them anyway?

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> Hi,
> I understand your point, however changing defaults is always a
> dangerous thing to do because change has always a effect on many
> users.

detect values for existing installations and provide a sane default for new installations.

> Am 28.01.2014 13:38, schrieb Jan Lindström:
> I would like to know the most affecting InnoDB pain points the
> customers/potential customers first refer. By pain
> point, I mean anything that causes concerns, restricts sales etc, pain
> point can be bug, missing feature, usage
> problem, performance etc. My goal on asking this question is to find
> out what are the real issues customers or
> potential customer are struggling or issues that block customers using
> MariaDB. After that I will see what I can do
> about the situation and plan forward to address the raised issues with
> proper priorities.
> Dean, if this list does to reach the support engineers and technical
> sales teams please forward to more suitable list.
> "innodb_file_per_table" should be clearly default because doing it
> later is really a pain as well as if you remove large amount of
> data that the space never comes back while with file_per_table you
> can do "optimize table"

Good call

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