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New Question: Spider storage engine condition pushdown



A new question has been asked in "Spider" by lokeshkumar-p-417:

We are using Spider storage engine for sharding with MariaDB.
MariaDB version - 10.0.10
Spider version - 3.2
Platform - CentOs 6.5


We have a simple scenario, where we have a table with Spider storage engine, which is list partitioned based on a column.
Each partition is pointing to a shard.
Whenever a query is fired from the Master database with a WHERE clause, the WHERE condition is not being pushed to the shard, instead all the data from shard is being transferred to the DB where Spider storage engine is present. 
I came to know that this issue has been fixed in the Spider storage engine, and also I verified the MariaDB 10.0.9-spider-3.2 source code and it has cond_push and cond_pop functions.
Please let me know how else can I enable this condition pushdown.

-Lokesh Kumar

To view or answer this question please visit: http://mariadb.com/kb/en/spider-storage-engine-condition-pushdown/