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Re: ncurses and mysql


On Tuesday 10 June 2014 15:19:56 Roberto Spadim wrote:
> Hi guys, i'm running slackware 14.1, i upgrade to slackware-current,
> and downloaded the mariadb-10.0.11 x64 with glibc 2.19
> the point is... whern i run mysql, it requires a 'deprecated' library,
> libtinfo.so.5, this one was replaced by libncurses.so.5
> there's something we could help here? today i execute a symlink to
> solve this problem, but since libtinfo is deprecated, should we update
> our compile line?

Hi Roberto,

This is likely because of some compatibility requirement on another 
platform/system. I'll let the MariaDB developers commet on that to be sure.

I already have queued up a 10.0.11 update for slackware-current, it just needs 
to get Pat's approval. If you want I can forward the SlackBuild to you. 
Otherwise it might appear in the -current tree within a couple weeks.

Alternatively you could send a mail to Pat about the missing libtinfo, in case 
it indeed turns out to be a compatibility issue. If one application needs it 
it's likely another one out there does too, so adding compatibility for it 
doesn't sound like a bad idea.


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