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Re: Building MariaDB audit plugin for Percona 5.5.37-rel35


Hi, Nick!

On Jun 16, Nick Urbanik wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> The documentation at  says, "The MariaDB Audit Plugin works for
> MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server."
> So:
> 1. Which version of the MariaDB audit plugin should I use for Percona
>    5.5.37-rel35?

Any one, the latest should be preferrable, as usual.

> 2. Does the user whitelist/blacklist feature work with Percona?


> 3. Does build/installation work in the same way as for MariaDB?


Almost (INSTALL SONAME is not in Percona Server, iirc, and you cannot
omit the file extension from the soname).


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