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Re: Galera cluster with asynchronous slave


Ahoi Johnny,

On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 02:16:26PM +0200, Johnny Antonsen wrote:
> Got fatal error 1236 from master when reading data from binary log:
> 'Error: connecting slave requested to start from GTID 3-1-422, which
> is not in the master's binlog'
> And the Slave_IO_State shows that it's no longer in sync.
> I have run SELECT @@GLOBAL.gtid_slave_pos; to check what the current
> GTID for each node is, and they all return: 1-1-2145, however,
> sometimes if I add a lot of data, that value is different on some
> nodes, which is why I think the slave gets confused.

Using Galera there is no different Data on the nodes.

> On the slave, when activating using_gtid=slave_pos, the following
> gtid_IO_pos appear: 1-1-2464,2-3-420,3-1-422

Why are you using different domain-ids?

> From what I have read, this should be somewhat correct, as the first
> value is the server id. However, in the config I have specified that
> node 1 has server id 1, node 2 has id 2 and so on, and that the same
> goes for gtid_domain_id. Is this the correct setup or do the nodes
> need to have the same server-id or gtid_domain_id?

The secound value is the server-id.

> Surely there must be a good way to solve this? Is the system not
> built to handle an asynchronous slave replicating from one random
> node?

I don't know what you are doing.
All I can say Im doing also MariaDB GTID slaves and it works.
Even Im not sure if domain-id matters - I haven't set them at all - be sure
to have log_slave_updates and bin_log enabled.


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