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maridb performance issue with master server replication


I been trying to trouble shoot this problem for sometime now in both mariadb and percona.

I been trying to migrate from Mysql5.6 to mariadb or percona, however in our testings our business app performs terrible when multi master circular replication is on. 
Our setup, 2 servers same specs, running vmsphere 5.5. VMs are created and CentOs 6.5 installed.

On the same hardware, same VM setups, we are running Mysql 5.6 com edition with GTID circular replication with no problems in performance.
With Mariadb and Percona as soon as I start slave, the master server performs badly with our business app.
If I had to run the same business app on the slave machine, while its receiving updates, no problems, but as soon as I make it a Master
the performance drops.

While all the binary logging stuff are on, without replication turned on by using start slave; the app performs fine as some people suggested that
there might be a performance hit  with sync-binlogs etc 

Ive started a thread about this on dba.stack which has my config files etc posted.


This is so far the only issue that is stopping us from migrating to mariadb, and its driving me nuts. 

Our servers are going through a vpn and is lagging 0 seconds behind master

Does anyone have an idea what may be the problem.