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Re: Aria engine


Hi, Roberto!

On Jul 21, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> Sergei :) how much time to a engine become production ready? could
> we/I increase aria test?

There is no formal policy for this. Aria was changed to gamma just
recently, in a few months it can be promoted to stable (presuming the
bug inflow won't change).

> >> On Jul 17, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> >> > Hi guys
> >> > Why aria engine is a beta/alpha engine?
> >>
> >> A plugin must be beta for some time and then depending on the bug
> >> inflow, on the usage, code stability, etc,  it's promoted to gamma and
> >> then to stable. Aria engine is used less that XtraDB or MyISAM, so it
> >> needed a longer time in beta.
> >>
> >> But I've changed it to gamma about a month ago.