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MariaDB OpenSuSE repo does not resolve all conflicts if KDE programs are installed.


I have written about this in another thread.  But let us take it from
scratch. The other thread is messy.

The problem is KDE and certain KDE programs. Quite a lot of those have an
option to store data in MySQL (embedded or not) and they install dependent
libraries in order to do so.

Do this to reproduce and understand the problem:

1) Install OpenSUSE with a GUI. I used xfce desktop, but it should be the
same with any destop not based on KDE (with KDE and KDE-derivates, it could
be more complicated)
2) During install also install the "LAMP Server". Probably just installing
MariaDB 10.10.14 from SuSE's repos later will also do.
3) Now install Amarok (for instance).  Inspect dependencies being installed
- including two MySQL-related libraries.  I used the GUI for install but
probably zypper has a  --verbose option listing dependencies. See
4) Register MariaDB's repo for SuSE '. See repos.jpg
5) Open "Software management" and search for MariaDB . See  packages.jpg
6) MariaDB's RPMs do not resolve dependencies on libraries installed with
Amarok (see conflict.jpg).
7) But you can do manually - if using the GUI at least (as in
conflicts_resolved.jpg). Now everything installs and works fine after

If you don't do it right first time (later is too late!) you will encounter
issues.  For instance I was only able to use command line clients as root.

This is reproducible exactly the same way with OpenSuSE 12.3 GA as well as
the 'bleeding edge' "OpenSuSE factory".

Should not those dependencies be resolved automatically?

-- Peter
-- Webyog

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