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Re: JSON and binary strings


I could have been more direct. What should be the expected behavior in the


From:  Tom Worster <fsb@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:  Friday, January 30, 2015 at 9:05 PM
To:  maria-discuss email list <maria-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:  [Maria-discuss] JSON and binary strings

BINARY is one of the datatypes you can use with dynamic columns. If you try
saving binary string and then retrieve it with COLUMN_JSON() then you get an
invalid JSON document back. All the JSON decoders I tested reject such

It doesn't make sense to me that COLUMN_JSON() would return a document
that's invalid according to the JSON spec and can't be decoded. But I don't
know what it should do. It seems that BINARY in dynamic columns means that
COLUMN_JSON() is in an impossible position.

[On a related note, if you save a valid utf8 string that includes control
characters (e.g. "I went down to the river,\nI set down on the bank.") then
COLUMN_JSON() fails to escape them. While similar, this I think is a bug.]

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