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direct send data to app client


... i was thinking about big table results, internall network use, and
optimization ...
should be interesting, if we have a database-side way to export data
directly to app-client
i'm thinking about a configuration like...

client app ----(conect)---> app server,  app mysql client ----(connect)--->
mysql server

client app send a post/get/or any other rpc/ipc method
app server, execute some functions ask to mysql database and return data
sometimes data is too big, and we transfer data from mysql to app, and from
app to client, my idea is transfer mysql to client app
this idea have some security problems, but let's think about the solution...

at app server we send queries to server and report to server save it,
server send a ticket, with a ttl or something like it, app them send this
ticket to app client
app client connect to mysql/mariadb server with a daemon plugin and
'download' this data

i didn't google about this yet, but, should this be possible? in this case,
i think the json/bson should be interesting since we need to translate the
mysql rows/columns to a standard encode (probably json, bson, xml, html
table, csv or something like it), i'm thinking about http/https (or any
other network file system / file share protocol) protocol at mysql side

or... i didn't think if that's possible without some patch... could the
mysql server save the result to a file? like a mysqldump but using only SQL
interface? maybe a create table with connect engine? ideas are wellcome

Roberto Spadim

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