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MariaDB 10 multisource replication from AWS MySQL 5.6 RDS and Percona Server 5.6


Hi all,
I am trying to setup the multisource replication from AWS MySQL 5.6 RDS to
MariaDB 10 using multisource replication.

The installation was successful I can see from show slave 'connection'
status\G that binary logs and their positions are changing, but If I add a
new data on a master it is not replicated to the slave.

Also tried to replicate from Percona Server 5.6 to MariaDB 10 using the
multisource replication, but got errors like:

Error in Log_event::read_log_event(): 'Found invalid event in binary log',
data_len: 44, event_type: 33

Error reading relay log event: slave SQL thread aborted because of I/O error

My slave is MariaDB 10 with data and logs partitions encrypted by LUKS and
with SSL enabled. As far as RDS and Percona servers don't use SSL I am
using non SSL user for the replication.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be extremely appreciated.


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