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Re: MariaDB 10: how to convert Aria table to InnoDB?


Am 02.03.2015 um 15:03 schrieb Ian Gilfillan:

On 02/03/2015 15:37, Reindl Harald wrote:
Am 02.03.2015 um 14:26 schrieb Ian Gilfillan:
This is probably because strict mode is set. If unset, it should return
a warning, not an error. From MariaDB 10.1.2, you can use:
SET STATEMENT sql_mode='' FOR ALTER TABLE `systemevents` ENGINE =
which will unset strict mode just for that query, otherwise for older
versions just set it off and on again for the session to alter.

indeed *but* why does "TRANSACTIONAL=0" don't go away after convert to

Why is so that the change is reversible

that makes no sense, keep options which are invalid for the target engine is completly wrong and leads to the above problems that you can't convert tables only in the dirty default mode

if you now convert to InnoDB "TRANSACTIONAL=0" makes no sense
if you later decide to convert back to Aria you need to set that flag in a follow-up step - but keep invalid and dirty options is just asking for troubles until "alter table" has no way to delete them

Obviously this may not be desirable in many cases. See
https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-5867 for a similar discussion
and a fix that was applied in 10.0.13

it is not desirebale in *any* sane case

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