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Re: stored programs


Hi, Justin!

On Mar 03, Justin Swanhart wrote:
> So uhmm, use a new parser.  Like the one antony wrote in LLVM? :)  I
> mean, we would like to have window functions, CTE, and all those other
> fun things. SQL-92 is a not relevant anymore.

In MySQL times we've tried to replace a parser. Twice.
Antony has spent a year on that - that was one of the attempts.

We're still using the old one, so neither project was a success.

And Oracle started "parser refactoring" in 5.7, but they're doing it
piece-wise now, not trying to replace everything at once. And they'll
have to stay with bison this way.

What I mean - we very much want to use a new parser. We really do.
But it's just such a huge project :(


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