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Re: Source package for Ubuntu Precise is missing


On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 10:48 PM, Kouhei Sutou <kou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It seems that source package of MariaDB 10.0.17 for Ubuntu
> Precise Pangolin (12.04 LTS) isn't provided.
> Binary packages for Precise Pangolin are provided.
> mariadb-10.0_10.0.17+maria-1~trusty.dsc (for Trusty Tahr) and
> mariadb-10.0_10.0.17+maria-1~utopic.dsc (for Utopic Unicorn)
> exist at:
>   http://mirror.jmu.edu/pub/mariadb/repo/10.0/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mariadb-10.0/
> But for Precise doesn't exist at there.
> Is Precise support finished? Could you confirm it?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. There were some changes made
in how we generate the repositories and the
mariadb-10.0_10.0.17+maria-1~precise.dsc and
mariadb-10.0_10.0.17+maria-1~precise.tar.gz files were left out of the
repositories by accident. I've added them to the repositories and I'm
now uploading the added files to the primary mirror. After the files
finish uploading the other mirrors, like the jmu.edu one will be
updated with the new files as soon as they next pull from the primary

FYI: According to the MariaDB Deprecation Policy we will continue to
provide MariaDB packages for precise through at least April 2017,
basically as long as Ubuntu is supporting Precise.

> FYI: Source package of MariaDB 5.5.42 for Ubuntu Precise
> Pangolin (12.04 LTS) is provided.
>   http://mirror.jmu.edu/pub/mariadb/repo/5.5/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mariadb-5.5/

Yes. The change was made between the 5.5.42 and 10.0.17 releases.

And yes, I've also fixed the process error that led to the files being
excluded, so it shouldn't happen in the future. :-)

Thanks again!

Daniel Bartholomew, MariaDB Release Manager
MariaDB | http://mariadb.com

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