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Re: Inconsistent engine typecode for TokuDB


Hi, Jan!

On Mar 15, Jan Hejl wrote:
> Hello,
> i moved from TokuDB 7.5.x MySQL (5.5.39) fork to MariaDB 10.0.16. Since
> then mysqld.err show error like this:
> 150315 22:30:29 [Warning] ./imperial@002bkv@002bcz773/scanner.frm is
> inconsistent: engine typecode 42, engine name TokuDB (43)
> for each TokuDB table access.
> Editing 4th byte of FRM file didn't helped, it gets overwriten to 0x2A
> value again.

I'm not sure why it happens, normally editing FRM should be enough.  My
guess is that TokuDB supports table discovery (that's a fact, not a
guess yet), and it stores frm somewhere inside TokuDB tablespace, and
when you edit the frm file, TokuDB noticed the difference and
"discovers" the original FRM. And overwrites your edits.

> Does anyone know how to get rid of these warnings?

ALTER TABLE would do, I suppose.
Although, of course, that's far for an ideal solution.


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