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Questions regarding Galera Cluster



I just saw this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYSGsgIyshs
It was really informative and it seems like a simple and easy setup.

Now, I have a few questions which is regarding maintaining a Galera Cluster, which I hope to get some answers on.

1. A cluster should have an odd number of nodes to avoid brain split. In case I hit the wall with insufficient disk space and I need to scale up my servers, which steps would be the appropriate? My initial thoughts would be taking down one node at a time and add a larger node, what for it to have replicated from the other nodes. 
Would the - now even numbered of nodes - handle this? And what will have when I do this to the bootstrapped server (the one the others connects to)?

2. According to the video, a slave replication of the cluster would be a way of securing my data in case of disaster. Would creating dumps regularly not suffice? And secondly, in case of hardware failure on one of the nodes, bringing in a new node (probably asking the same as before) would hopefully just replicate the data when it joins again?

Thank you for your time.

Dan Storm

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