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FedereratedX ODBC Source


This is regarding:

Specifically, the last section bullet

   - Support for other RDBMS vendors using ODBC

My employer started a project to add a generic ODBC source to the
FederatedX plugin.  Once into the project, it was decided that creating a
specific source to our COM server would be faster.  The ODBC source did
work, but it was buttoned up after read-access was completed.  I'm not sure
if it will ever be released, but I thought we should distribute the code

Please find an incredibly boring page here:

Included in the zip are the changes to source files, as well as two
additional files for connecting to ODBC and to our COM dll.  These were
only compiled on windows, so likely are not ready for inclusion in the
source tree.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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