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doubt - replication at same mysqld process


hi guys, i have a doubt about replciation on same machine, i never did
this before

i have a table running many writes and few reads, and another process
start reading a lot, my today solution is replication on two servers
(on same machine or other machine), the point is... could i replicate
in same server (with only one server running / only one mysqld
process) ?

something like change table A, and a background process replicate to
table B? "many writes" will write at table A, reads will read table B
(read can be out of sync)

innodb is locking a lot of rows, and myisam/aria is locking table a
lot, both engines i have problem with lock, i consider replication to
another mysqld process as the only solution, but i'm considering
running only one mysqld process (if possible)
i was thinking about something like HA in spider, but i didn't tested,
maybe with flexviewcdc i could have a materialized view "B" of table

any idea/help is wellcome

Roberto Spadim

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