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ssd and hdd


hi guys
i`m with a doubt... i have a server with ssd raid 10 array and hdd raid10
ssd is faster for non sequencial read that's a fact when i change a table
from one device to another and check query response histograms

my doubt is...
today i have myisam, aria, innodb and sometimes tokudb and spider at same

how could i easily select what table should be stored at ssd or hdd array?

there's a "table space" to select if i want to use ssd or hdd instead of
create table, and create symbolic links, or create table with data
directory/index directory?
i was thinking about something more easily understood like tablespace, but
used by all engines
something like

create table blabla table space ssd
create table blabla table space hdd

what i'm doing today... i have many tables that i use normally and don't
drop, these tables i can symbolic link to ssd or hdd, but all new tables i
use hdd (they normally are temporary tables), i'm using innodb per file,
tokudb i'm not using too much but i don't care about where it's today

anyone with experience to help or ideas?

Roberto Spadim

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